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Solar Energy has been in existence for many million years, in-fact, since the existence of the Sun Recently, pace9 has become one of the leading Solar energy guru as we specialised in capturing the energy from the Sun by using our Solar Panels. These our Solar Panels consist of Photovoltaic cells which are generally made from silicon or other semi conductive materials that absorb and convert Sunlight into energy that can be transform to electricity.
Pace9 revolved in natural power. Our Solar Panels capture or harvest the energy from the mother nature (SUN) and turn it into electricity.
Our panel provides higher power demands and includes bypass diodes to minimise the effect of shadows and delivers maximum power in the smallest module size saving weight and space
Our panels are high efficient crystalline cell for all weather energy capturing, robust construction for outdoor and water resistant and for permanent fitting. Our panel is perfect for 5V to 240V appliances with 20 years warranty***

Send us your specification, we guaranty your power demand.
Send us your power demand we guaranty your perfect specification.
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