solar panel fittings

Solar Panel Fittings

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As one of the leading manufacturers of Solar Panels, expertise, professionalism and experience has made us the best in solar panel fitting and installation to any roof and surface in the planet.
We have ranges of solar panel fittings for any surface, (smooth, rough, bumping or curve) from a removable or mobile position to a permanent position from single panel to multi-panels.
Our panel fittings are of high quality material to withstand all weather condition and long term warranty
There different type of roof and we have different options for fitting solar panels in them.
This is one of the permanent fitting positions for multi panels with high power output in some roofs.
On plain tile and zinc roofing which is most common roofs, solar panel installation onto them is a straightforward process as they can be removed and reinserted easily. It is one of the interlocking methods we apply when installing multi solar panels for high energy harvest on zinc or tile roofing system. This involves using roof brackets (“anchors”) made of stainless steel or aluminium and they fasten directly to the timbers that make up the roof structure.
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