solar system kit

pace9 – 10k dual solar system

The pace9 – 10k pre-wired Solar System is a reliable, robust complete solar kit which provides illumination and power where no grid power exists and main electricity supplies fail.

pace9 – 10k dual solar system kit


1 x 10ah pace9 power solar hub
1 x 20wp Solar Panel – pre-wired
1 x 5m extension cable #01
1 x Fan
1 x Bedroom light
1 x pre-wired splitter bulb holder
1 x 3w 12v bulb
1 x 5m light Cable #02

10k Solar Hub

Includes 5 power ports:
2 x 12v ports for both bedroom light and 3w – 15w pace9 LED bulb.
2 x USB ports for charging your Gadgets
1 x 12v auto socket for powering Fan, Air pumps, 12v TV’s, DSTV decoder, lap top computers etc.

pace9 – solar hub
pace9 - 20wp solar panel

20wp Solar Panel

20wp Premium Crystalline solar panel, pre-wired with corner protection.

Cable #01
5m Extension Cable

This is a cable to connect the Solar Panel to Pace9 Hub or as an extension cable to increase the cable length from solar panel to pace9 solar hub. This cable also serves as an extension cable for LED bulbs (3w, 9w & 15w bulb) from the Splitter Bulb Holder cable to another.

pace9 - Solar Panel 5m extension-cable
pace9 - 23cm fan

10k Fan

Powerful 12v, 23cm metal blade fan with two speeds which connects directly to the pace9 hub’s auto socket

Bedroom Light

The Bedroom light is supplied with a 4m cable and hanging hook and has a brightness of 40 lumens, this is capable of illuminating a 3 x 3 m2 area.

pace9 - Bedroom Light
pace9 - bulb holder - splitter-cable with switch

Bulb Splitter Cable

This is a pre-wired splitter bulb holder cable to enable extend light to other parts of the apartment without the help of electrician (D.I.Y).
This Splitter Bulb Holder Cable connect to one another and can be extended to other places of your choice by using Cable #01, 5m, 2.5m or 10m extension depending on the extension length.

3w 12v Bulb

The 3w LED energy saving bulb is a 12v bulb which has a brighter illumination than normal 60w bulb.
This 3w LED bulb is idea for seating rooms, study rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, toilets and shops.
For warehouses, garages and other wider range illumination, we will recommend our 9w or 15w which is more powerful LED bulbs 9w & 15w LED bulbs can be purchased on request.

pace9 - 12V LED 3w Bulb

pace9 - 5m pre-wired extension-cable

Cable #02
5m Light Cable

This is a 5m cable to connect light from the Hub to Bulb Splitter Cable (Lamp Holder).

pace9 – 10k dual solar system – description

The pace9 – 10k Dual Solar System works by collecting daylight and sunlight through its high performance crystalline solar panel and converting this to DC electricity which is fed directly into the Solar Hub containing a safe and light weight lithium battery pack. Smart internal electronics ensure that the system never gets overcharged and always extracts the maximum from its solar panel.

With one super bright bedroom (Lumi) light and 3w bulb supplied with pre-wired bulb holder, the light kit are capable of illuminating One Bedroom Apartment and also more than ideal for Family tent, Workshop, Retail Shops, Garages, Summer houses etc.

The 10k pace9 Solar Hub has 5 power ports; 2 x 12v ports for both bedroom light and 3w – 15w pace9 LED bulb, 2 x USB ports for charging your Gadgets and 1 x 12v auto socket for powering Fan, Air pumps, 12v TV’s, DSTV decoder, lap top computers etc.

Pace9 Pre-wired Solar System is set up in seconds. Its solar panel can fit in any position with glue or stand and has a 5m cable to connect the plugs into the back of pace9 hub. The bedroom light has a 4m lead, which again plugs in.
Face the solar panel toward the sun and that’s it, job done.

In addition, if you are looking for more power, the pace9 10K, which already has a mighty 10Ah at 12v can be expanded up to three times using the pace9 Expansion Pack. Each pack interconnects and shares power from one of more solar panels.

It’s the Perfect Power Solution for Small homes, Small businesses, Boarding house students and Students studying in the night, Base camps, Journalists or any High power user or Multiple users.