solar energy storage systems

Solar Energy Storage Systems

pace9 - solar energy storage system

Storing the energy we harness from the sun through Solar PV system has become increasingly important in order to maximise self-consumption, with more consumers wishing to rely less on the national grid and in some cases where national grid doesn’t exist.

The demand for Solar Energy Storage System has grown considerably as our customers and future clients look to reduce energy bills further and become more aware of managing energy requirements. 

Currently, there are different Storage System in the market today. However, most of the products you will find are awkward to locate within a property due to the size and rating or the product in order to work efficiently, and more importantly work safely with the occupants in close proximity. 

Pace9 have spent considerable time researching the market all over the world to find the best quality Storage System we believe to be leading the way in developing this Technology but it appears we have hit the rock. Hence, pace9 have decided to set the pace to revolutionised Solar Storage System that is Safe, Reliable with more than 10 years battery life and over 10,000 cycles. Intelligently designed and build to maximize harvested energy and battery life.
The sophisticated design of our Solar Storage System allows easy incremental expansion as your energy needs increases. This means that you can start small and grow your system as your requirements change. Each of our Storage system stores up to 2kWh of electricity and you can keep adding to your system as you see fit. Each of our battery storage system has a 98% depth of discharge, meaning you can use 98% of the solar energy you have collected.
When we talk about pace9 Solar Storage System, a lot of component combined to make up one unit. We mostly used this system of solar storage when we are dealing returning unused harness energy back to national grid, although, we are increasingly using this storage system in areas where no national grid exist. 
The All In One pace9 Solar Storage System, enhances energy efficiency through a simple direct current system and offers the convenience of compact design and easy installation. The direct current system only has to convert electricity once from Solar Panels on the rooftop before its use for home appliances, thereby increasing the energy efficiency. The compact design lets it fit in any storage room such as garage, kitchen, or even living room so you can experience the difference between pace9 and others.
As we equip photovoltaic installations with a storage system we increases the on-site consumption of generated solar power and same time attain the ability for multiple uses. In addition to allowing photovoltaic installations to significantly increase on-site consumption, a storage system also enables them to reduce their dependency on utility companies and ensures that power will continue to be supplied without interruption should the public power grid temporarily fail.
Solar storage systems have long been common practice in off-grid photovoltaic installations (otherwise known as stand-alone solutions) in order to ensure that power is continuously supplied without interruption. In contrast, the use of storage systems in grid-connected solar installations, which are the norm for installations on private roofs and commercial businesses, is still a relatively new phenomenon. Electricity storage systems that are available on the market are suitable for use when retrofitting existing photovoltaic installations and can also be factored into the system design when planning new installations. All storage systems save excess energy and put it at the disposal of consumers at a later point in time.
Solar modules generate direct current, which is converted into alternating current by an inverter before being fed into the public power grid or being used by domestic power consumers. Battery storage systems can be integrated into both the direct current and alternating current sides of the installation.
Knowing your energy need, we have a good knowledge of the type of solar storage system required before construction works begin, the system will normally be integrated into the direct current side of the installation. This reduces investment costs, achieves a higher efficiency, and allows module output and storage capacity to be coordinated with each other in the system design. Specific inverters with an integrated charge and discharge control directly charge the (integrated) battery with solar energy. They also convert it into alternating current if the temporarily stored solar energy is to be used by power consumers at a later point. In principal, it is possible to integrate storage systems into the direct current side even when retrofitting existing installations. If the inverter present does not have the necessary configuration, then the battery can also operate with the help of an external charge controller.
Solar Storage System uses a specific battery inverter for the storage system to be integrated into the alternating current circuit. This inverter converts alternating current into direct current, which is required for charging the accumulator.

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