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Solar Batteries

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Batteries store the energy harvest by solar panel from the sun, allowing the energy to be used as needed through an inverter. Note, not all energy harvest by solar panel must be stored in battery system before it can be used. Some energy harvest by solar panels are directly wired from the solar panel to the solar powered device. In this case, we are interested with the solar system that require a battery back up (or bank). With regards to the solar powered systems that require or utilize a battery, there are a few different types: 12-volt DC used for RV lighting and appliances.
Inverter battery systems that are capable of converting 12, 24, or 48-volt DC battery voltage into a 120- 240volt AC that can operate regular household appliances such as a refrigerator, water heater, TV, etc.
Hybrid solar power systems utilizes several energy providing components such as a battery bank powered by solar panels, solar array, generators, and wind turbine used to provide energy on a 24/7 basis.
When it comes to solar battery banks, each is designed for a specific charge or discharge level. Some are manufactured wet cells some are manufactured sealed or gel cells, each coming with their own set of requirements. For example, golf cart batteries come in a 6-volt wet cell with thick plates that are designed for hours of high volume discharge with a fast recharge and car batteries come with a thinner plate and their high volume discharge last only seconds and requires a longer period to recharge. When using a solar battery bank system, appropriate size and quality of battery for the amount of solar power it will be required to store is very necessary. They should be a deep cycle battery unlike the car battery, which is a shallow cycle. Using too small of a battery can be very dangerous.
When solar powered systems require a way to store the energy produced the battery comes into play.
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