pace9 - reading kit
pace9 - 10k solar hubpace9 20wp solar panelpace9 - bedroom lightpace9 - ac adaptorpace9 - reading fanpace9 - reading lightpace9 - cable-01 extension cable - 5m

pace9 Solar System Reading Kit



1 x 10ah pace9 solar hub
1 x 20wp solar panel – pre-wired
1 x cable #01- extension cable 5m
1 x AC mains adaptor
1 x reading fan
1 x reading light
1 x bedroom light

Product Description

It’s appalling that in this modern age, so many developing countries still struggle to have constant electricity supply for their daily needs.
Exam is approaching students from these societies in some developing countries are feeling the heat already, the fear and anxiety of light to study, the heat of the night, the mosquito bit, the noise from generator and etc…All these make it impossible for these students to achieve their full potentials.

PACE9 is determine to change dependant on the main grid for our daily power supply and give you back your natural power to define your own destiny

With pace9 Solar System Reading Kit, no more issue of electricity to study or do homework/coursework in these deprived societies.
The pace9 Reading Kit has made it possible for you to study and achieve your full potential and be what you want to be.

This wonderful Solar System works by collecting daylight and sunlight through its high performance crystalline Solar Panel and converting this to DC electricity which is fed directly into the Solar Hub containing a safe and light weight lithium battery pack. The smart internal electronics ensure that the system never gets overcharged and always extracts the maximum from its Solar Panel.

This robust Pre-wired Solar System is set up in minutes.
Its Solar Panel can fit in any position with glue or stand and has a 5m cable to connect the plugs into the back of the Hub.
Face the Solar Panel toward the sun and that’s it, job done.

The Hub known as 10k Hub, has 5 power ports; 2 x 12v ports for both bedroom light and 3w – 15w pace9 LED bulb (, 2 x USB ports for the Reading Light and Fan and also for charging your Gadgets and 1 x 12v auto socket for powering Fan, Air pumps, 12v TV’s, DSTV decoder, lap top computers etc.

It’s the Perfect Power Solution for all night Study

Additional Information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 66 x 31 x 7 cm


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