mission statement

We all know about the climate change due to pollen. Aeroallergen levels are also higher in extreme heat. These can trigger asthma, which affects around 300 million people around the world.
The ongoing temperature increases and the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide due to burning of fossils fuels and other greenhouse gasses had increased tremediousely for the past 50 years.
Heat and Pollution are getting worst all around the world expecially in developing Countries thereby putting health in great danger. Respiratory and Cardiovasucler diseases are associated with air pollution. Millions of Children die every year in the developing world because of mosquito bite and pollution
Seeing Children dying every blessed day in developing countries due to Carbon Dioxide Emission from Generators, Malaria from Mosquitoes and other heat related illnesses, is a breath taking.
In some developing societies, there is no emission control and green energy is far fetch. I thought about the effect of rising temperature (global warming) and the helpless children in this developing world and the love I have for those children, I decided to play a part in combating global warming in order to help save life of the less privileged children.
In Nigeria for instance, carbon dioxide emissions from generators is causing people’s life especially the children and the elderly. This is because the electricity supply that would have helped a bit about the situation is poorly provided by the authority. The public is spending fortune in providing the basic energy needed in their daily life.
Nigeria has become a dumping ground of generators of all kind. Some parts of Africans find it very difficult to sleep at night because of noise pollution and carbon dioxide emission from these generators that is wrecking havoc on the well being of innocent children.
My objective is to capture the enormous energy from the Sun that hit the continent everyday to provide them with alternative energy supply to power their everyday lives and improve their well being. Reduce the use of generators thereby combating carbon dioxide emission and one day every household will have a Solar System.