capturing energy

We Love Nature
We Harness the Power of the Nature and convert it into Electricity to Power your Everyday Life
All we do in Pace9 revolved in Natural Power, Capture or Harvest the Energy from the Mother Nature and turn it into electricity by different means.
We in Pace9 Capture the Energy from the Sun by using Solar Panels. These Solar Panels consist of Photovoltaic cells which are generally made from silicon or other semi conductive materials that absorb and convert Sunlight into Electricity. Photovoltaic cells have a very long life span.
There are three basic types of PV modules: Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, and Thin-film. All modules work well though Monocrystalline Cells often produced the greatest efficiencies and that’s why in Pace9 we adapt to this application, despite Thin-film technology typically costs less. We make sure our customers get the best.
Photovoltaic Systems use Solar Cells to Capture the Sun Rays and convert that Energy into Electricity. Sometimes, this Captured Energy is stored in a storage bank and converts it into Electricity by the use of Inverter. Such systems allow homeowners to generate electricity in a clean, reliable, and quiet way, naturally that can offset the cost of electricity and decrease the dependence on Generators.
Don’t bother yourself with the above Energy Capture Processes, we have taking responsibility of that. Mount the Pre-wired Photovoltaic pace9 Panel/s on top of your roof, use the provided 5m cable extension to connect to the pace9 Hub in your house then, off you go.