about us

Pace9 was established in 2006 in England and Wales. In pursuit of my objective, I met with Mr Adrian who has been solar energy consultant and solar cells manufacturer for the past 20 years, my adviser also my uncle (Mr Victor), Chartered Accountant with more than 40 years experience to his name, Mr Ritchie a business consultant with 30 years experience in African strategic planning and my wife Ning Sun who have been very supportive through my researches and others that I have come across.
Working with these highly motivated individual, my imaginary design of solar energy product that will deliver the basic energy need for moderate applications become reality because we all share the same view and this view now form the foundation of my objectives.
These highly experience individuals that now make up the management team of my entire initiative, continue to strive to any length to deliver the fundamental objectives of my project, by encouraging flow of communication and exchange of ideas especially with Adrian through all levels of the project.
We are committed to providing the highest quality customer service base network that have ever existed and with full dedication to our customer’s satisfaction and sensitivity to their needs, we will be fair, honest, courteous and professional which is our core value to deal with their energy need.
With full dedication, we aim to maintain a high level standard and success as all member of the team derived pleasure to providing a very high level standard in their areas of specialisation for our common goal.
We are prepared to serve the public especially helping the less privilege members of the society to save money on their energy bill. Help the electricity deprived areas in developing countries to achieve their dreams, have illumination, a comfortable night sleep and put their children to bed at night at least with a fan to deter mosquito bite and prevent heath rash and stroke.
We aim to maintain a formidable reputation and build everlasting legacy in Solar Energy Industry around the Globe. Hopefully, in the near future, we should be able to build Solar System technologically that will be capable to power a whole nation and probably power the world.
Patick Agunu (Managing Director)